CLAAS Group introduces Exhaust emission stage V

Stage V update brings performance enhancement and more comfort*

CLAAS will introduce exhaust emission stage V in July 2020 across three models in the mid-range TORION series. In light of this, key areas of the drive, lifting kinematics and cab will be revised. In addition, a six-cylinder power unit in the TORION 1511 now provides significantly more power.

More power and greater dynamism

The TORION 1511 has been given a new lease of life with the introduction of exhaust emission stage V: The 6.8-litre six-cylinder power unit from Deere Power Systems (DPS) delivers 138 kW/188 hp in accordance with ISO 14396 – an increase of 12 percent over the previous model that had a four-cylinder unit – and transmits up to 741 Nm (at 1,600 rpm in accordance with ISO 3046) to the drive. The VARIPOWER ground drive, which has been increased by 23 percent to 105 ccm, also provides even greater dynamism and agility for rapid loading cycles as well as considerably more reserves in clamp work.

The TORION 1410 was also given a performance boost – by 5 percent to 120 kW/163 hp – while the engine output of the TORION 1177 remains unchanged. Exhaust gas purification in accordance with stage V is implemented across all models using diesel particulate filters (DPF), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), SCR technology and external cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

Powerful, smart and comfortable

The lifting kinematics have been reworked with larger pressure rams in the lifting rams, enabling lifting forces to be increased by 20 percent (TORION 1410 and TORION 1511). The optional SMART LOADING automated loader with an extended range of functions means that more power is combined with more intelligence. These functions include a programmable automatic bucket return system, lifting height and lowering depth programming, as well as automatic lowering when the bucket is tilted back – which can also be used for the high-tip bucket. This allows bucket positions for two different applications or two different buckets to be stored.

The TORION 1177, 1410 and 1511 also have a cab interior that is adapted in line with that of the two larger  TORION 1812 and TORION 1914 models. The new touch terminal with a 9-inch screen and 70 percent more display area than in the previous model is particularly striking and, thanks to high-resolution colour contrasts, it also boasts excellent readability under all lighting conditions. Sufficient space is available for the installation of further terminals or cup holders. The newly designed armrest with ergonomically positioned buttons makes operation easier.

The redesigned windscreen has increased the wiper field as well as the field of vision, while operators benefit from increased legroom, especially on long working days. Up to six LED spotlights on the rear of the cab provide more light in the rear area of the machines for night work or when working in poorly lit. The rear view has also been improved with a new fine screen for the cooler area, which is fully integrated into the engine bonnet thanks to its flatter design and which effectively keeps the cooler area clean.

The comprehensive package of possible optional extras also includes dynamic steering, a new reactive joystick steering system for working in the lower speed range (in addition to the steering wheel), a new fully integrated weighing system as well as tyre pressure monitoring.